Routine game

My 1 year old daughter is close to utter her first meaningful words. She started with sounds like “bu-te” and “ba-yo” and now at the stage of  “da-da” and  “ba-ba”. She talks to us a lot in her gibberish tongue.

She plays a cute game with her dad. He calls her name and she picks up his tone and says “ba-ba” in the same intonation (Baba is Daddy in our mother tongue). Then he changes his tone, plays with letters in her name, stretching and emphasising in different ways and she mimics him exactly each time with “ba-ba”.

Some routines are so comforting.


Frame of life

It’s fun to have a child and very reassuring to have a loving husband. Nevertheless you’re bound in a life frame.

I would love to be free and enjoy life. I would love to travel, meet new people, flirt and drink, live a reckless and carefree life.

And still I would not trade my current life for all the fun in the world. Because I know those things are fun when I’ve a home to return to. Instead I would try to modify the life frame and grab the fun.


Interesting People

Meeting new interesting people always fascinates me. A gallery with a different world view opens up. Let them talk about their passions, opinions, experiences and you can learn so much.

I miss the intellectual stimuli if no such person is around. And I envy those who lead fulfilling and content lives doing exactly what they want.

Growing up

When you’re a kid, life is simple. Even when you land in trouble, there’s always someone to rescue you; your parents! Sure enough, Mom and Dad can solve all the problems in the world; at least as far as your world is concerned.

The world’s horizons expand with growing up. The world from which your parents protected you opens up. Insecurity, responsibilities creep into your lives along with the freedom. Everyone learns to survive and fight back, so do you. Your parents are still around to help wherever they can; financially, physically or mentally whenever you approach them.

You start a family of your own, have kids, build a life. And one day suddenly you realize that the tables have turned. Your support pillars are now looking at you for the support. You no longer burden them with your problems. You know that they cannot solve it and you want to protect them by keeping them in the dark.

At this point you understand that now onwards you’re on your own. Believe me, it’s scarier than most scary stories.



Learning to be better

While going through the meaningless Facebook photos, status updates and links I found this one.

I liked Eric’s posts not only for the point he’s making; but the way he has put forward his case logically without being judgemental or emotional. I think it must have taken a lot of courage and self control.

I agree with the content of his posts but more than that respect the strength of his character.

As years pass, I would like to evolve in a better human being through the wisdom and experience I gain. And this post is one of such valued learnings.


Winter chill; Deccan hills,

Ferry boat; hearts float,

Ice cold water;  pitter-patter,

Hot tea; content we,

Happy smiles; every mile.


Lazy afternoons of winter

Except the 4 months of Summer, my city is always a little cold. It’s a fact to rejoice when compared to my hometown which is hot and humid most of the time in the year.Though, I’ll not admit it in front of others, I love staying in this city and one of the reasons is this pleasant weather.

It’s a sunny afternoon and I can see the sun bathing tar road from my French windows. I love it that I’m not part of the busy world right now. I curl up on my cozy sofa with a pair of cushions and enjoy the afternoon sounds. The babble of my daughter, the road grinding machinery, the reverse horn of a car, washing machines, dishwashers, the lazy buzz of the late afternoon.

I’m gonna miss these days.

The things I love or the childhood book

One of my favorite books in the childhood was about a little boy’s world through his eyes. When the book starts, the protagonist, Dennis tells us about the things he loves and hates.

I always wondered how can that be an interesting starting of a book? I don’t know the boy and I don’t care what he loves or hates. Yes, once I read his story, I was definitely his friend; but at the start I barely knew him to give a damn.

It’s interesting how we make new friends. Do we tell them in the first few meetings, the things we like or the traits we don’t like? I suppose, we learn these details along the way. And one day we realise that the mundane conversations have now turned to sharing thoughts which actually matter.

But I guess Dennis has his own way of making friends and it sure worked in my case. I liked the boy even though I couldn’t relate with his love or hate.

So much so that after so many years when I was thinking about the things I love, his little voice reminded me of the things he loves and the stories he told me through that book.

It’s worth to mention that I was lucky to read the book in my mother tongue; thanks to Soviet Union Raduga publishers. The English translation of the book has no charm and has lost the essence of the boy’s tales completely.

Road endings

It’s always sad when a good novel ends; regardless of the theme of the novel.

Through the reading process, we’ve a window open to look at the lives of the characters and suddenly with the ending, the window closes and we’re not privy to any more glimpses of the life of our favorite people.

It’s like losing a friend. Now come to think of it, that’s why people write fan fictions. To keep the characters alive and kicking.

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